We have been working together with friends and communities in Bujumbura the capital to see if we can assist in bringing the visions and dreams of communities and individuals a step further to fufilment in their different spheres of life. It is an incredibly resourceful country but has struggled with poverty; genocide and trauma are deeply rooted into the fabric of its present history. However, there is a new sense of hope and vision for an emerging future,with sustainable projects, joined-up thinking and innovative ideas. There is much vision and dynamism in this amazing nation and we are privileged to try to help throw a few mustard seeds of encouragement and change to push the future in to the present. The first C2C event took place from 8-12 October 2014.

In Burundi we are currently exploring spheres relating to micro finance/ business; farming and food/ sustainability; education and training; health and wholeness; justice/ law; and other areas.