City to City is a network of people who bring their experience, ideas and hopes to develop connection, innovation and transformation in the place where they live

City to City is a movement of people who are open to think in new ways about bringing change in our towns and cities for the ‘common good’ and with a Christian ethos.

City to City inspires fresh conversation, rooted in ancient wisdom, to re-shape society.

Our dream is to see change that benefits the whole of society, particularly the excluded and marginal, and bring together values that release the potential and diversity in all the multifaceted areas of urban life. These values are rooted in a faith based (not biased) on Christian ideals. We want to see these values built into every part of life – in our media, our housing, our business systems and financial transactions, the distribution of our resources, our political system, the arts, our education system, scientific advancements and employment.

City to City aims to be a catalyst for conversation, connection, innovation and transformation.

We want to open up … not narrow down

We want to stimulate ideas … and let them gather a momentum of their own

We want to see cross-pollination between people, organisations and cultural spheres

We want to sow small seeds … and watch them grow