Ethos of City to City

“We are too young to realise that certain things are impossible … So we will do them anyway.” (William Wilberforce)

During the 1790s, a group of people began meeting together in the London suburb of Clapham. This group spent time together, ate together, and started discussing the problems they saw in their era. Out of those conversations, the group began imagining a better world and a movement was born.

They became the Clapham Sect and they drove forward the fight to abolish the transatlantic slave trade and emancipate slaves. The group first dreamed of a world without slavery, and then figured out how to enact this dream.

It started with conversation.

As the Clapham Sect did 200 years ago, City to City draws people together from different spheres and walks of life, creating a space that fosters inspirational conversation and allows us to generate innovative thinking about how we can bring God’s values into our city spheres.