Where could a City to City gathering or conversation lead?

This is a question we get asked all the time because our human instinct is to look for outcomes and results

City to City translates the ideas that come out of a conversation and puts them into action. We can’t do that as City to City alone but we can when we all utilise our own networks. We can’t quantify the potential that there is in each person who gathers around a sphere or a C2C event!

City to City uses these human resources gathered from our global connections, to accelerate the expression of a vision on the ground. We are not gathering a global vision and implementing it locally, we are picking up the local vision and accelerating it with global resources.

It is sometimes helpful to express these thoughts as an image, so picture this scene: urban buildings alongside a beautiful green space, with people wandering into both areas. Some are on roof tops or in offices, and some are in fields. It is a multigenerational community. There is a sense of space and movement. As good architects know, space and light are important to people. The words ‘light’ and ‘space’ are two key words for our world today, and in many ways they are a better explanation of what we mean when we talk about ‘hope’.

If we have light and space in our heads then we have possibility of change. In contrast, if we put our heads down to graft we may not get anywhere. When we are in the midst of ‘doing’ we are task-focused. We run out of breath, but we have not gone anywhere. We may become highly stressed. A few days space to think about our sphere of expertise and experience in a way that is not orientated towards a ‘task’ can be transformational.

You can find out more about future City to City gatherings by visiting our Events page. Please join in with the discussions and comments that are growing around the conversations that we have hosted in recent years.

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