How can we begin to affect the language, systems and culture of our society?

We are not trying to take on all the issues in all the cities of the world but to be seed releasers and idea spreaders in key structures of society

There are three key themes for us:

  • to be inspired (and inspirational)
  • to be innovators
  • to be intentional.

We believe that the inspiration for all activity in society should come from the imitation of Jesus Christ. Innovation is a good thing that grows when we ‘abide’ with Christ. We are intentional about bringing people together because we believe that through each other we can release ideas and possibilities that will re-shape cities and communities.

Greg Valerio has asked a great question: ‘How can our activity in society for justice and peace become more relevant and more innovative? How can we see a multiplication effect?’

One of Greg’s answers to this question is to remind us that talking about action and activity can lead us into a project mentality. Conversations and networks are the opposite of this because they are not events or big decisions with the aim of directly changing something. Conversations are hard to pin down; even harder to measure.

It is always difficult to analyse what comes from a conversation but it is without doubt a truism to suggest that conversation that engages individual stories has a profound impact on individuals and groups. We believe it will result in visions and dreams that re-shape cities and throw out seeds of change into communities for the common good.

We tend to be obsessed with big ideas and social programmes. This was especially true of the nineteenth century. But our belief (and our experience) is that organisational change happens in small groups! It doesn’t come from a big decision to change something – you can change laws like that but not lives. Lives change through interaction with other people.

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